Ad Women


Ad Women is a global register of female talent within the advertising industry.

All of it searchable and easily filtered after preferences. If you are looking for a female copywriter in Madrid with 5-10 years of experience, our goal is that you will find her here, surrounded by other female role models, and potential leaders.

The initiative was started in 2016, by the founders Johanna Johansson and Lina Franzon, with the purpose of forever killing the argument ”there are no female creatives” and facilitate for employers to create a more diverse work place. Today the list of professions searchable on the site has expanded to include all professions with a connection to the advertising industry.

Join the register, or start searching by creating an account here.

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Debbie Levitt

Philip Beickler

Melissa Michaels

Filipe Gandine Tolloti


Steph Kitchin

Gunnar Hemmann


Max Verloop

Emilio Lecerf

Greg Schwartz

Rob Hart

Ming Ming Lim

Elena Neff

Dani John Stone

Richard Gavitt

Jen Knutson


Levis Fitzsimmons

Joe Bye

André Bose Do Amaral

Niclas Bergström

Baptiste Audet

Tobias Eriksson

Hadassah Hickman

Carol Cavanaugh

Michael Hohne

Jared Isle

Sebastian Karlsson


Mareka Stake

Petronella Barvaeus

Lotta Mellgren

Rita Alton

Carin Balfe Arbman

Amy Levine Small

Mara Evans

Edit Brunner

Amanda Piedimonte

Gustaf Bielke

Camilla Wallander

Maja Siösteen

Sara Keegan

Linnea Gardefjord

Lotta Saxe

Jennifer Johansson Viljeland

Paula Quinones

Malin Strömblad

Charlotte Nordling

Lina Vitkauskas

Charlotte Uhler

Kristoffer Elmqvist

Frida Omsen

Malin Von Werder

Linda Marie Hurtig

Sara Ekselius

Jenny Canborn

Annika SjöBerg

Linda Fagerlind



Sophia Wood

Evelina Svensson


Malin Dahlberg

Henning Wijkmark

Christian Peck


Elisabet Fischer


Dani Mariano

Nådde Hanson

Dave Gare

Mårten Knutsson

Eva Burkley

Michael Porte

Briatni West

Ludvig Sandstrom

Tieg Zaharia

Justin Kazmark

Daniel Jakobsson

Maria Karlsson

Carola Kullberg Lindh

Gustaf Haffling

Pelle Sjönell

Snorre Martinsen

Jacob Åström

Calle Sjönell

Lisa Fritzell



Hanna Wittmark

Jon Palmqvist

Christina Noble Knight

Klas Oskarsson

Olof Lindh

Fredik Davidsson

Jörgen Berglund

Petter Nylind


Gisela Andersson

Johannes Ivarsson

Hanna Eriksson

Fanny Svensson

Cornelia Wangel

Sandra Burman

Alexey Terentev

Stefan Ronge

Simon Lublin

Nancy Ross


Frequently asked questions and answers.

What’s Ad Women?

Ad women is an international register of female talent within the advertising industry. An initiative to highlight female talent and make it easier for employers to create a more equal and diverse work place by forever killing the argument ”there are no female creatives”.

How do I use it?

First, you have to create an account. Then list your criteria, such as experience or location and start searching. Search globally or locally. Search for leadership, a special talent or years of experience. Search for a role model, or your next colleague. Search, and you shall find female talent.

When you've found someone you believe to be your perfect match, you can easily add them to your profile wish list by clicking the "Add" button. The specific profile will then be added to your with the option of having all contacts emailed to you.

Then it’s up to you. Make contact. Hire them, admire them or simply get inspired by them.

Why are you asking for money when I sign up to search?

Running this initiative means a number of costs. And since we as an industry all share the problem we think it’s pretty fair that we all contribute to a possible solution. All revenue is used to maintain and improve the site. However, adding monthly donations to your account is optional.

Can I join the register?

Sure, if you consider yourself non-male and work within the advertising industry you are more than welcome to join. Simply click here, and create your profile!

Which titles are included in the register?

For the moment being, following titles are available in the register: 3D Animator, Account Director, Account Manager, Agency Producer, Agent, Art Buyer, Art Director, Audio Engineer, Back end Developer, Casting Director, CEO, Chief Creative Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Colorist, Communications Director, Community Manager, Content Manager, Content Producer, Copywriter, Creative Director, Data Analyst, Delivery Director, Digital Designer, Digital Strategist, Director, DOP, Editor, Executive Producer, Founder, Front end Developer, Full Stack Developer, Graphic Artist, Graphic Designer, Head of Communications, Head of Public Relations, Illustrator, Image Retoucher, Interaction Designer, Location Scout, Managing Director, Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager, Mix Engineer, Motion Graphic Designer, Partner, Photographer, Planner, Post Producer/EP, PR Specialist, Producer, Proof Reader, Public Relations Director, Public Relations Manager, Researcher, Retoucher, Set Designer, Social Media Manager, Sound Designer, Strategist, Technology Director, Translator, UX Designer, VFX Artist, Voiceover Talent, Web Content Manager, Web Designer and Writer.

If you are missing yours, please send us an email at, and we’ll take it into consideration.

Who is responsible for updating the profiles?

You are always responsible for your own profile. If you switch jobs, or you title changes, it’s up to you to update that information in your profile.

Are all women in the register looking for a job?

No. Part of the purpose with this initiative was to prove the power in numbers. To give all young women entering the industry hope of a more equal future.

Rather than looking at the register as a meat market, see it as a wish list. A list of talent you could hire, if you'd offer them the right opportunities.

Why is equality within the advertising industry so important?

Because our industry communicates with the entire world. We build brands, personalities and potential role models. We portrait behaviors, we challenge norms. To be able to do so in a representative way, we believe we must be representative ourselves.

What’s the story behind Ad Women?

Ad Women was born from frustration. We had been working at several different agencies, and when it was time to recruit new talent we repeatedly heard that there were no women. And so men were hired. This initiative was born to prove them wrong. From the beginning in a Swedish version called Kreatörskvinnor, and now with Ad Women.

Who created Ad Women?

We did! We as in, Lina Franzon, Copywriter and Johanna Johansson, Art Director who founded the initiative in 2016. With help from developer Johanna Tano the Swedish site was born two months later. A year later a Kickstarter Campaign was launched in order to found a global version. A total of 165 backers, agencies and regular people backed the project and turned it into a reality.

They enabled us to hire the amazing developer Julia Wallin to build the site, and designer Linnea Mesko to make it look this cool. In addition, our PR specialist Martina Larsson helped us spread the word.

Are there more initiative like this?

There are many initiatives around the world fighting for the same cause. For instance More Grls, Where Are The Boss Ladies, Nettwerk, The Doyennes, Chicks in advertisingProject Noir, Invisible Creatives, HER Global Network and She Says for instance. Check them out. 

Why isn't my question answered here?

Because you haven’t asked it yet! Please do, and we’ll include it on the list. Email