Ad Women

Live at last


Today is a day of many things. It’s a day to celebrate women like the one tomorrow. It is also Thursday. But most of all, it’s launching day.

A couple of weeks ago we pre-launched in quiet, by opening up the registration function for women all over the world. As of today, there are about 302 of us here, 150 searchable, a number we hope will explode during the days and weeks and years to come.

Today we are finally opening the search function, as well as this place, the blog. From now on, anyone can create an account for free and search for female talent globally. 

There are about a thousand things we’d like to say today. But we'll settle for the most important one:

Thank you.

Everyone that supported our Kickstarter campaign during the autumn and winter of 2017, thank you. Everyone that have sent encouraging emails along the way, thank you.

Julia Wallin, developer and genius being the one coding this ambition into a reality, thank you. Linnea Mesko, designer talent making it look as beautiful as it does, thank you. Martina Larsson, PR professional helping us spread the word, thank you. Vanessa Tryde, photographer portraying us much cooler than we felt, thank you.

Every woman in the register, supporting the cause of highlighting female talent by creating a profile of their own, thank you.

Anyone in our industry willing to make a change for the better, thank you.